System Freight, Inc.
Jamesburg, New Jersey

With 335 heavy-duty and another 11 light- and medium-duty vehicles, System Freight, Inc. is primarily a dedicated transportation provider that operates in the Northeast. It has been able to achieve a fleet average mpg of 7.41 in the last four quarters, hauling just over 26 tons of maximum weight capacity loads for optimum freight efficiency. It re-engineered its fleet specs to focus on efficiency and weight reduction on purchased and lease units, with automated transmissions, downsped powertrains, proper horsepower/torque engines for the application and terrain, fuel-efficient synthetic lubes, and low-rolling-resistance tires. It monitors cruise usage and idle time. SFI also uses wedge” trailers to maximize less dense bales of paper and 112-inch rolls of paper. It says it just built the next generation prototype wedge at 300 pounds less than its predecessor.